Ocena brak


Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

break sth) by accident

according to

an advertisement for sth

afraid of (dogs)

at the age of (six)

agree with (you)

(to) apply for (a job)

(to) argue with sb about sth

(to) arrive at (the station)

(to) arrive in (England)

(to) ask for sth

(to be) aware of (a problem)

(to) believe in (God)

(to) belong to sb

(to be) bored with

(go) by bus,train

in the (19th) century

(Have you got) change for

(I'm) in charge

on the coast

(I) come from

compared with

(to) complain about

in (good) condition

(to) deal with

(She has a) degree in

(to) depend on

(to) develop into

(to) die of

(to be) different from/to sb

(your country is) different from/to

in the distance

(to) dream about sb/sth

(to be) fed up with sb/sth

(to) fight against sb/sth

(to) find out about sb

on a flight to

(to) forget about sb

(to be) full of

(to) get on (well) with sb

(to) go out with sb

(to be) good at sth

(to be) on holiday

(to be) at home

(but (to) go home)

(to be) impressed by sb/sth

(to be) interested in sb

(to) invite sb to (a party)

or for (dinner)

(to) laugh at sb

(to) listen to sb

(to) look after (sb)

(to) look at

(to) look for (sth)

(to) look forward to

(to be) in love with sb

(to be) married to sb

in the north/south

(to) operate on sb

(to) pay (500) for (a car)

(to) point (a gun) at sb/sth

(to) rely on sb/sth

(to) sell sth for (300)

(your shirt is) similar to (mine)

(to) speak to sb about sth

(to) spend money on

(to be) on strike for

(to) suffer from sth

(to) talk to sb about sth

on television

(to) think about

(to) think of

(to) throw (tomatoes) at sb

a ticket for (a concert)

(to be) tired of sb/sth

(to get) in touch with sb

(to) wait for sb/sth

on the way (to school)

(to) work as (a teacher)

(to) work for (an organization)

(to) worry about sb/sth

(to) write (a letter) to sb

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