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Practical jokes

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

When I was younger, than I was about 12-13 years old I was very naughty. My mother didn't know why I was so bad. Sometimes she was very angry with me but she didn't shout at me, because she knew that it didn't work. When I was in 4th class I did something stupid, but for me it was very funny. I went to school at 8 00 o'clock. My first lesson was music. Our teacher was very fat and I didn't like her. So before her lesson I put drawing pins on her seat. When she sat on chair she started to scream. She became very red and she was very angry. She saw how I was laughing and she said that I had to go to my headmaster. At first I was happy, because than I had never been in headmaster's room.

But later it wasn't funny. My mother was cited to school and I got rebuke. But it didn't discourage me to do other jokes. I was waiting 2 months and than I had different joke. In January to our school came small girl with very long hair. Some day I tied her hair to a chair. She couldn't stand up. She started to cry . Later her friend helped her to untie her hair. She came home in tears. Than my mother had to talk to her parents and she had to apologise them. My mother talked to me too, but although I love my mother and I don't want to make her problems I couldn't understand why she didn't laugh with me. Next day I put itching powder in my friend clothes. Everyone laughed but teacher punished me again headmaster gave me other chance. But I didn't take advantage of it.

Two weeks later my friend came to school with her new bicycle. After all lessons she wanted to go home. Than she saw that she didn't have wheels in her bicycle. Why? Because I removed them. Teacher knew that I did this stupid joke and I had to go to headmaster. And it was the last time. The headmaster expelled me from school. The teachers breathed a sign of relief but the students were very sad. I wasn't because I thought that I would come to this school and I would make other jokes. But I was wrong. So now I am very kind and polite girl.

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