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Plastic surgery reflects human vanity

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011


Plastic surgery is the easiest, the most popular and the most effective way to bring back youth,beauty and satisfaction of one's apperance. Not only in America it's fairly as common as dentist visit. Surgery is one of the fastest developing branches of medicine. Endeavours are used by businessman, people who are in the limelight, movie stars, TV speakers but also by one's without work who just can't live with their inferiority complexes resulting from their apperance. Nowadays outer apperance is really important not only in making business but also in interpersonal relationships.

There are many kinds of operations like: nose,ears operations, suction lipectomy, hair transplantation, teeth replacing, face lifting. Prices vary from 600 - 7000 złoych. But in some cases costs don't really matter.

In my opinion plastic, cosmetic surgery has application only in some cases. For example young girl, who has been injured during car accident should have a possibility to improve her changed apperance, because the way she will live rest of her life depands on the operation . But it's not fair, when mother ( who has shared resposibility for her family ) goes to a cosmetic surgery for an operation just to improve her mood. And after this whole family is starving for the rest of the month.

These two situations showed a big diffrence between real need and simple vanity. I think this increase of popularity results of still raising number of accidents not from decreasing morality of contemporary society.

There's another aspect of cosmetic surgery. It's very expensive and only a few can afford it. Usually the people who doesn't really need it ( wives of well-off businessmans ). Why don't make it more avaliable to one's who really need it, who often don't want to live no more because of their changed apperance? I think thant owners of health-care institiutions, surgery clinics should take note of those facts

In conclusion. People always wanted to improve outer part of themselves - their body, and I am sure that this trend will least for a long time, cause we will try to achieve physical perfection for ever. So I think that proffesion of surgeonist could be a proffesion of tommorow?

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