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Place I would like to live in

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

The fun of dream houses isn't in having them, but in dreaming of them. When I was a little girl I used to dream of a nice, little, white detached house with a beautiful garden, swimming pool and hammock. It looked more like a Barby-doll house with colourful flowers and pink equipment. This idea has changed a lot since I visited Paris two years ago. Today by the place I would like to live in I mean a modern block of flats in the district of Saint Denis in Paris.

I love Paris with its romantic cafees, stunning architecture and plenty of shops, but the center is totally too busy and noisy for me, so quiet and calm Saint Denis would be the best solution. It's not so crowded and polluted as the center, there are some supermarkets as well as small grocer's shops, fitness clubs, swimming pools and parks. I find it great because could jog or ride a bicycle and then do some shopping in the market round the corner.

My flat would be on the second or on the third floor and there would be three rooms, a big kitchen and even a bigger bathroom. I've always dreamed of my own bedroom with a huge waterbed and lots of candles surrounding it. The other two rooms, as well as the kitchen, would be equiped with all the stuff from IKEA shop. I'll have someone lay out my flat, so that it would be really snug and cosy.

I think living in such a big city as Paris would satisfy me, because there's always something going on and it's impossible to be bored. Even if there were no concerts or events I'd like to see, I would just go along the streets, look at people's faces and marvel at the monuments. But I hope I'd have enough money to buy also a small lodge at the lake in the middle of nowhere. It would be great to spend holidays or take a rest in it after getting tired of living in my house of dreams.

detached house - domek wolnostojący

hammock - hamak

equipment - wyposażenie

district - dzielnica

stunning - oszałamiający

grocer's shop - sklep spożywczy

lay out - zaprojektować

snug, cosy - miły, przytulny

marvel at the monuments - podziwiać zabytki

lodge - drewniany domek letniskowy

in the middle of nowhere - na pustkowiu

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