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Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

I do not dig into people's problems. I prefer to face my own phobias. My biggest fear is to have only few months left to live. What is it about the words, "You've only got six months to live," that strike such fear in a human heart and shake a person to his or her very foundation? Why do those words cause such shock to those who receive them? Is it because they now know that their time is limited, and they realize that they've left so much undone? They realize that they have so much left to do and so little time to do it. And there won't be any more time after this. They begin to value time in a wholly different way, now that they truly know it won't go on forever. Would people live their lives any differently if they knew you only had six months to live? I think they would. They would realize that they don't have lots of years left, and if they're ever going to do that "something special" with their life, now is the only time they have got to do it. And time is running out fast. There won't be lots of tomorrows. It is today or it is never! Every day is a priceless jewel which can never be replaced.

Once life is gone, it is gone forever. Every moment puts a person one moment closer to the time when he will have no more moments left-when whatever you were going to achieve in this life is already history. When that time comes, the party is over. And there is no reprieve. What they did not get done, won't get done. How much good and progress is never achieved because we believe we have got plenty of time to live? How much work gets put off until tomorrow because we believe we've always got tomorrow? How many relationships get only minimal attention because we're too busy? How many children grow up and leave home, never getting to know their parents, because their parents believe they'll spend some time with the kids "tomorrow"?

And "tomorrow" never comes. And then it's too late-they've grown up and left home forever. And what could have been precious memories they'd treasure for a lifetime are now only empty possibilities. We procrastinate away our future, simply because we believe we've "always got tomorrow." As someone once put it, "Time waits for no man, and few women!" We think we've got tomorrow, yet we don't know that we have it. Our "six months" could have begun 179 days ago. Today could be our last day! We just don't know. And not knowing can kill, if the time runs out before getting things done! If person chooses to, he can live his life as if he only had six months to live, even if he has really got many years left. Living a life in six-month segments, with this kind of focus on accomplishing what's really important to you, could give you the opportunity and determination to really make a difference in the world.

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