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Nowodworski school in Kraków

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

Our school was founded in 1588 thanks to the decision of the senate of Jagiegollian University. The main purpose of creating this institution was to prepare boys for undertaking for studies on university. Initially only boys could attend the school, girls had no possibilities to learn. As far as the building of the school is concerned First the school didn`t have even its own seat and it was situated in University - boarding-schools. In the beginning of 17cent.

Bartomiej Nowodworski assured the material existence of this school by giving two fundations. Bartomiej Nowodworski was a Maltese Bachelor and thats why the Maltese Cross became the sign of our school. In 1643 thanks to fundations our school was given a building. At present it is one of the institutions of Jagiegollian University - Colegium Novum. Nowadays the school is situated in a building designed in 1898 by Joseph Sary. The name of Bartomiej Nowodworski was given to the school in 1928, from this name every one call it just "Nowodworek".

Our school has a great opinion as one of best school not only in Cracow, but also in Poland. Many famous people graduated from this school. One of them was Polish king John III Sobieski famous defender of Europe in battle in Vienna in 1683r. At present pupils that graduate this Nowodworek are given silver Maltese Crossess during the solemnity of distribution of school-leaving - certificates. Morover our school belongs to the Associated Schools of UNESCO, thats why it organizes many foreign exchanges.

Very often students from other countries visit us and show their projects e.g. about ecology, environment, industry and so on. Besides it cooperates with many foundations, it belongs to the Companionship of Creative Schools and Association of Oldest Schools in Poland. In 1998 our school celebrated 410 years of foundation, 100 years of building and 70 years of giving the name of Bartłomiej Nowodworski.

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