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Nataneal West "The Day of the Locust". Tod and Faye- comparison.

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Nathaneal West is an important American novelist. He has specific point of view on American society and its behaviors. In the novel The Day of the Locust he describes the Hollywood dream world, and people who are trapped in that world trying to reach the goals they set for themselves. They are often fanatical and act obsessively. They do not see much of reality and are trapped in their self-centered dreams. Most of them seem to be good people, at a first glance, but they reveal they real selves in certain kind of situations: under stress, under influence of alcohol, or when their passions take over their behaviors.
Among all the characters in The Day of The Locust we meet Tod and Faye. Tod is a newcomer to Hollywood who is fascinated with that place in many different ways. Faye is an actress who dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. Both these characters are very fascinating and trying to compare them is very interesting. The way they act, their dreams, and how they want to make them come true are just seemingly different. They share many qualities, even though, at first, they seem to be far apart.
Tod came to Hollywood to work as a costume designer. His looks do not reveal how great talent he has. His slow and ?doltish? look on his face, his large body made him look very unattractive, unprofessional, and ?completely without talent?(2). His large body, and unattractive features made him look very off-putting to Faye. Once she even ??refused his friendship, or, rather, insisted on keeping it impersonal. She told him why. Tod had nothing to offer her, neither money nor looks??(10).
Despite his appearance, he is a very interesting and complicated man with a ??whole set of personalities, one inside the other like a nest of Chinese boxes?(2). He seems nice, and helpful but, on the other hand, he helps just if he has his own business in it. He doesn?t understand Homer?s good heart and the way he helps people by offering them his own place to stay in these economically difficult times. Tod knows what he wants and is willing to fight for it. Even though he seems harmless and calm, his fantasies and dreams are often very violent and brutal. He cannot accept Faye?s rejection. He is obsessed with her and is driven by that passion. We see Tod fantasies about raping Faye, often in a very brutal way. West constantly shows what is going on in Tod?s mind and describes his dreams: ?Tod waved him [waiter] away with a gesture more often used on flies. The waiter disappeared. Tod tried the same gesture on what he felt, but the driving itch [his obsession with Faye] refused to go. If only he had the courage to wait for her some night and hit her with a bottle and rape her?(127).
Tod is an observer of the surrounding world who tries to understand people around him. He is an artist that turns his emotions and anger in his drawings and paintings.

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