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My hobby - wypracowanie

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /14.11.2011

People have many different hobbies. Some like collecting coins or stamps, others are keen on computers. Most men like fishing and most women like shopping or cooking in their spare time. Sometimes all of us need to do something pleasant and funny, something, which gives us satisfaction and rest from everyday life.

My favourite hobbies are a dog and computer. I love my dog very much, I go for a walk with it at least once a day. I like playing with Korado. I spent much time with my animal-friend so the dog likes me more than other members of the family. My whole family and I think that Korado makes us happy when we are sad and that this pet is very useful at home. He often runs around my house and guards it against robbers and murderers.

Korado is a bulldog with brown fur and with plenty of skin on his back. He is very friendly for my friends but he can be dangerous for aliens. He is fat and not very tall but he can frighten most adult men. I’m glad that I have a dog because when there isn’t anyone at home I don’t feel lonely – Korado is always with me. He often lay in my room and accompanies me. If I’m nervous my dog can make me laugh.

The computer is my favourite electronic machine. I think that the computer is very useful in my life – I can write, play, count and do many other things using it. I very often use the computer and it is something, that gives me satisfaction and pleasure after a day of hard work. I am interested in computer programmes and many other things connected with computers (prices, elements of computer) and I think that my future will be connected with computer science. I can’t imagine life without computers. Sometimes I think “Am I a computerholic?” – but I can’t answer this question. But my family say that computer is my drug.

I have also other hobbies like collecting postcards or cooking in my free time. When I was young I liked collecting stamps and I was engaged in rearing fish in my aquarium but some years ago I got bored with it. I haven’t many hobbies because I haven’t enough time in high school. For example my younger brother, Michael (he is 12) has more hobbies than I – collecting stamps, computer games, fishing, going on trips, collecting the photos of old buildings and others. I don’t like fishing and I think it’s a very boring hobby – I don’t understand my brother, who often goes on fishing trips.

I think that hobbies are very useful in our lives because they develop our minds, they give us rest and often make us relaxed and help us to forget about usual problems. In my opinion many people may get to know one another because they have the same hobby. Our hobbies characterise us I think.

be engaged in – zajmować się

get to know - poznać

murderer – morderca

I got bored with it – znudziłem się tym

computer theory (science) – informatyka

computer scientist – informatyk

rearing fish – hodowanie ryb

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