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My favourite music group

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

Most of teenagers like lisening to music.They are fascinated by groups or singers. Some people like heavy metal, pop, jazz or clasical music. And many, like me, like rock music. I listen to groups like Nirvana, Offspring, Garbage, but my favourite is Polish group T.Love. This group started its carrer in Częstochowa 15 years ago. At that time they appeared in Jarocin and Malbork. In 1984 they made their first record on witch there were hits like: IV LO, Wychowanie.

In the 80’s their hits were like national songs for young people. In 1991 second LP was made called „Pocisk miłości”, later „Revolution Day” King, I love you, Prymityw, Al Capone. Many of these became hits. Their last album „Boys don’t cry” oppeared in shops 3rd November ‘97. There are 5 boys in T.Love. Perkosz, Majcher - guitars, Nouzim - bass guitar. Sidney 2000 Polak - drums and Muniek - lirics and lead vocal. I like this group and I have their many CD’s.

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