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My family

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

My family is very important for me. Members of my family are my best friends, the people I love. It would be dreadful for me if I lost them. My family help me in many problems, make me fell necessary. I can rely on my parents - they often give me advice. Besides, my family support(pay for my living) until I find a job and I have my own flat.

I have one brother - Michael and one sister - Kate. Michael’s twelve and Kate’s four. My brother is a tall and slim boy. He likes swimming, playing football. He keen on cars so we often talk about it. Michael is interested in history, geography and biology - he collects historical books and films about how people lived centuries ago or what species of animals lived in different parties of our globe. He learns well. I love my brother, I like talking to him about his hobbies. And, what is the most important thing, he likes computers and so do I. We often use the computer or play computer games together. When my mother is too busy I help my brother with his homework. Two years ago my brother had an accident - a drank driver hit him on the street - Michael was lying in hospital for a long time. I was very worried about him and then I realized that he is very important for me.

My sister Kate is a very nice girl. She was born in 1995, when I got to the high school - I remember that in July 1995 I got two wonderful news - I got to school and after a few days my sister was born. I always wanted to have a younger sister. Since Kate and my mother came back home from hospital, I have taken care of my lovely sister. i like going for a walk with her, I often give her a lift to the kindergarten. i’m proud of my sister because she is really pretty and kind child.

My parents are well-educated people. They finished Prus many times ago and after that they both studied at the Warsaw Politechnic. But my father is older than my mother. They meet themselves just when they were studying in Warsaw. They fall in love fast and after graduation they got married. I think that they’re happy people. They have good jobs: my father is a director of his own engineering firm and my mother is an architect. I think my that parents are satisfied with their jobs.

They love their children very much. My mother is very protective and sensible. She always tries to help us to solve our problems, she gives us advice. Father is a very funny man - he is vigorous and he has always smile on his face. My parents like travelling very much so once a year we go abroad for a few weeks and visit many interesting places. At home there is often very kind atmosphere - I like staying home with my family on holidays and I often invite my girlfriend to my home - my parents are very conversational so we are bored with one another very rarely. Sometimes I quarrel with my parents but we always try to solve problems like that fast and we always apologise one another - it is a good way to solve conflicts.

Summing up, I love my family very much and I think that my parents, brother and sister are very important for me and I can’t imagine living without them. In my opinion most of us are indebted to our families for many good things and happy events of our lives.

vigorous - żywiołowy, energiczny

satisfied - zadowolony

rely on - polegać na

glad - zadowolony

kindergarten – przedszkole

graduation – ukończenie studiów

tutelary – opiekuńcza

keen on – jest zafascynowany

conversational - rozmowny

be indebted - zawdzięczać

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