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Meeting with UFO

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

It was May 31st, 1987. I really remember the date, because of the year. I have never had any May 31st in my life before. But now it happened to all of us... I must have been between ten o'clock and quarter past at night. I was trying to sleep then and I saw very light, long and heavy, I think, cigarette in the sky.

Trying to understand what it was, I woke up my girl friend sleeping in my bed. She was very scared. She said, she had never seen anything like this before. She didn't know what to say. I took us fifteen minutes, when it went out. We took a deep breath when we saw some yellow-green and brown people walking to us. We wanted to understand them speaking, but they were using some strange language, but it sounded like English in some African or Asian version. It didn't seen to be fine. We decided to escape, but it was to late. These creatures caught us and didn't let us go anywhere. We were really afraid of the future, so we had heard so many things about THEM. Maybe they do not eat people, but who knows what they can do...? We tried to be calm. We didn't want to make them ugly.

I thing they noticed our behaviour and were not interested in hurting us anyhow. Their "security" lasted over 10 minutes, but I think it could have been much less. After this time we found ourselves in our bed as anything had happened. Sky was a little bit dark again with the moonlight as before the situation had happened, do we went to sleep again... and then... the door in my house opened and I saw... I think it's a story for the next fable...

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