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Living on a desert island

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011


- an unusual experience, which not everyone can have

- all the pictures show the desert islands as the kind of place that people dream of. White sand beaches lined with coconut trees and clear blue sea seem to be very romantic, calm and peacful.

- a good solution for shy and lonely people who want to live their lives on their own, away from big cities and civilisation.

- the best way to get closer to the nature and forget about all the ordinary problems and activities like going to school, work or making money.

- you'll get the feeling of being completely free. Nobody can tell you what to do and if you don't like anyone who comes to the island you ask them to leave.

- you feel independent because it's only your business to build a hut, catch food and survive. You are the only man responsible for your actions.


- you are likely to meet the boa constrictor that hung in your outside toilet

- it's impossible to spend all the time sunbathing and swimming; it's too dangerous to go in the sea, which is full of sharks.

- you'll need to work more than most people to provide the things you need

- you're away from civilisation achievments and comfortable conditions

- you'll have long tailed monkeys, deadly snakes, lizards and poisonous spiders as your only friends

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