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List do przyjaciela zachęcający do spędzenia wakacji w Polsce.

Autor /naireUnixRink Dodano /21.12.2007

Hi John!

I'm so glad about your last letter which you wrote to me. It was nice to hear from you.
I'm writing this letter because I heard that you are going to Poland on holiday so I decided to give you some advice where you should go.
Firstly, I think the most landscape place in Poland are the Tatra Mountains with Zakopane. I know you love climbing and that's a perfect place to do it. Furthermore you'll meet there a lot of nice people. However, the biggest advantage are the beautiful views. It's also the least polluted region in Poland so that should be a healthy rest, as well.
Next, you should go to visit the Capital of Poland - Warsaw. This city has many fabulous places to visit. For example ,,Łazienki'' with its palace in which the royal family used to live. It's an excellent way for learning the Polish history. Warsaw has also another palace called ,,Pałac Kultury i Nauki'' which means "The Palace of Culture and Science" with many interesting expositions, museums , theatres and halls. I'm sure you won't be bored there.
I think you can't forget about Wadowice, the birth town of the Pope, John Paul II. This
way you can also pay homage to that great man. Besides, it's a beautiful place where you can have a good time sightseeing and eating the famous "kremówki".
Think about my proposition and tell me soon what your decision is going to be like.

Best wishes,

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