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Life in future

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /03.08.2005

Nobody knows what kind of future is going to be. All we can is admiting.
As the technology and medicine are passing on, I think that in the world we will have had a lot of interesting changes. For example, the scientists will have discovered a substance which will be the strongest and the best medicine for all the incurable diseases. The genetic engineering will have been developed so, that everybody will have his own clon. The clon will be doing things that we usually don’t like to do like cleaning, shopping etc. It will be OK., because people will have much more time for their own: relax, sport or something like that.
In the future, researches will have shown us better way to have energy for heating our houses, moving cars and this kind of energy won’t have been polluting the air no more. Then people wouldn’t be so ill as they nowadays are.
Moreover, children will not be going to school, because everybody will have a computer bought and then pupils will studying by the Internet. From some point of view, it will be a drawback, because there won’t be a possibility for having a physical education and time for meeting some friends. So this school will be very dull.
Although, the population of people will have been increasing and then it will be possible to live on another planet, because it won’t be enough area on the Earth for living there. And there also will be much more space journeys. Human will have met aliens and they will be our new, interesting friends.
All in all, future life will be probably easier and more comfortable, but nobody will remember about the tradition and be very lazy. Also, instead of piece, it will be a huge war on the Earth.
So, it is better not to think about the future!

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