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Jean Berthier, Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF)

Autor /Anydayded Dodano /20.11.2005

Jean Berthier, Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF)

1. "Looking at Holy Family, we should form our own families and ourselves to have their thoughts, feelings and heart. We shall be able to judge people, events and things the way they did."

2. "Reminders, remarks or reprimands do not sanctify us but that we ought to be true imitators of the Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Imitation by getting to know the Holy Family through reading Sacred Scripture joined with prayer. It is prayer that should be our reason for sanctification."

3. If we acquaint ourselves well with the Holy Family and if we open up to them by our way of living, we will be most perfect in the world."

4. "It is necessary to love one's brothers and to try to be loved by them, this is our most important task."

5. "Put your happiness in the Lord, and He will give you that which your heart desires."

6. "Nothing will be done without piety."

7. "A great source of doing a lot of good is to become used to doing good to poor people and children."

8. "The Holy Family is the true model of Christian virtues. We are not able, therefore, to do anything better than to copy this pattern within us and to offer it to the world through a life entirely in accord with the life of Holy Family."

9. "The Holy Family contributes to the arising at home of the spirit of love and unity, simplicity and modesty."

10. "It is necessary to pray a lot for this purpose, so that people will be able to say about us: it is true that imitating the Holy Family is possible, since these young people are living copies of Jesus, Mary and Joseph."

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