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Jacy są anglicy według Polaków?

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /17.06.2005

The English in polish sounding are describe que people who are very friendly and very outspokens.
Typical english are:
thin oatmeat
scrambled eggs with bacon
chocolate cream
beer bitter
sense of humour
bowler & suit

In christmas childrens hangs out socks and they wait for Santa Claus.
They let milk and cakes for Santa Claus and carrot for reindeers.
English don’t divide wafer because wafer is unattainable.Five o’clock – it’s teatime.
On the breakfast they usually eat scrambled eggs with bacon, toast and drink milk or cap of caffe.
James Cook
William Shakespear
Charles Dickens
Winston Churchill
Izaak Newton
Charles Darwin
George Harrison
Paul Mc Cortney
John Lennon
Ringo Star
Henryk VIII
Margareth Tatcher “Iron Lady”
Elżbieta II
David Becham
Spice Girls
Robbie Williams
Sean Connery
duchess Diana
Joseph Conrad
Laurence Olivier
Mary Stuart
Rolling Stones
Rod Stewart

Like or not?

Like +
Don’t like -

they are smailing to other people usually +
they are more tolerates +
The soundings shows that English are:
mercenarys +
distrustfuls -
cynicals -
hospitables +
nices +
concceits -
notoriouses -
beautifuls +
borings -

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