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It was the best celebration we have ever had; a celebration with a difference. (150 – 200 words)

Autor /naireUnixRink Dodano /27.05.2005

Everybody loves Father Christmas, but especially children, who get presents from him every year. Father Christmas leaves the gifts either under the Christmas Tree or in a stocking, as happens in the USA. One thing never changes though: he always comes at night, so nobody can see him.

It was six years ago… My whole family was preparing for Christmas. My mother was cooking special dishes and my two older brothers were tidying our home. My sister and I were waiting on Christmas presents. Earlier we had sent a special letter to Father Christmas and we chose gifts which we wanted to get. We really believed that in every year we had got toys from him. But in this year was differently…

On Christmas Day after breakfast, I with my younger sister went out. When we came back we saw that our father put presents for whole family under the Christmas Tree. It was really terrible. I couldn’t believe that it happened. I was really disappointed and my dreams about Father Christmas disappeared.

We asked Father Christmas about something else. But never mind, we got really beautiful presents and we were vary happy.

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