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Is nuclear power the only solution to the energy crisis?

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

During the last decades there has been noticed an increased use of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. This is the reason why scientists are now deeply worried about the future of our electricity. As the research of New England Institute of Energy shows resources of those substances are very limited. It has been estimated that our reserves of oil, gas and coal will be finished within 30, 50 and 450 relatively.

Thus, many people are now wondering how to substitute the source of energy. Although there have been many projects run there is still no ideal solution. Of those, nuclear power plants have been considered a great hope for our future generations. Unfortunately it is still a relatively new technique of gaining electricity there are many controversies around that subject. There are many people, who are simply afraid of nuclear power stations, keeping in mind the Chernobyl disaster, which took a place 13 years ago.

Although, some of them might be right, because of unavoidable risk of an accident, on the other hand it is now though to be the most safety source of energy. Moreover nuclear energy is the only way to preserve our air quality. As the research presented in the "Time" magazine shows one would have to take 94 million cars off the road to match the amount of the carbon dioxide that United States nuclear power plants keep out of the atmosphere. In America the nuclear energy is now the largest emission-free source of power and it provides 20% of electricity at highest efficiency.

Of course there are also other alternative sources of power, however all of them carry some disadvantages. For example, the solar power stations, which might have been a good solution, increase the temperature nearby, though causing the death of insects or plants organism in this area.

In summary of all the given data, in my opinion the nuclear power plants are currently the only realistic solution of the forthcoming energy crisis.

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