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Is it easier to be a teenager or an adult

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

I think right is saying „young children – small problems, old childrens – big problems”. It is easier to be teenager. Why? Because of in most cases teenager are under parent’s care. Parents earn money for their children, they’ve buying them food, clothes, gives them place for living – home, they are more experienced and can give good advices how teenagers should live if they want to be good people in the future. Parents can solve many children’s problems.

Parents knows their children the best and they must guarannteed them everything, what their children need. Teenagers must learn in school due to only then, when they were well-mannered and educationed, they could find a job and make moneys for their children in the future. Many teenagers’ problems are small and they shouldn’t worry about that. Young people mustn’t worry about everything, because their parents do it. I think easier is to be a teenager.

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