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Irish economy over the period (1994-2009).

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Ireland remarkable economic growth during the last decade has attracted the attention of economist and development specialist around the world. The colloquial term “Celtic Tiger” has been used to refer to the country itself, and to the years associated with the boom. This boom in Ireland was between 1994-2007, this period of rapid economic growth. But after 2007 Irish economic was change, economy slow down, on market starts the recessions. About this situation on Irish market influence for example ; including EU membership and subsidies increased, increased exports, increases in foreign direct investments, delayed convergence, good macroeconomic management, increased level of education and a social contract between government, trade unions and employers.

In this essay I would like show haw Ireland changes during this year’s, at 1994 to today. I divide my essay on three part, that’s help me to better show Ireland economic to cross years. In each phase I include the overall employment situation , labour force, employment major sector, show levels of unemployment , emigration and immigration flows , export and import products , balance of trade and balance of payments also I include the information about actual Irish inflation and compare with three other European Countries.

Between 1994 and 2000 the annual rate the
1994 6,00%
1995 9,50%
1996 7,90%
1997 10,90%
1998 9,00%
1999 9,00%
2000 10,50%

This information come from “After the Celtic Tiger” P.Clinch (2002)
At 1994 to 2000 the GDP is at 6% to 10.90 %. During that period Irish living standard rose dramatically to equal then eventually surpass that of all but one state in Western Europe.

The performance of the labour market has been even more remark. The number of work has risen by 45 % over the past twelve years, representing the annual average increase of over 3 % a year. Labour forces 1.77 million (1999 ) and labour force - by occupation: services 63%, industry 28%, agriculture 9% (1999 ).
The graph below show compare between the Ireland Employment and rest of the European Union Employment.

This information come from “After the Celtic Tiger” P.Clinch (2002)

This information come from “After the Celtic Tiger” P.Clinch (2002)-

Economic growth that the economic is getting bigger-more is being produced, national income is rising. A larger economy doesn’t necessarily imply commensurate increases in income per person. For this reason the distinction between the growth of total output and output per capita is crucial.


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