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Interpretacja filmu "Picnic at Hanging Rock"

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /01.03.2006

Dreamlike atmosphere, beautiful views and magical music are things, which make Peter Weir’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock” worth watching. The work of the Australian director is based on the novel entitled “Picnic at Hanging Rock” written in 1967 by Joan Lindsay. The words that come from the book: “He reminded himself that he was in Australia now: in Australia, where any-thing might happen”, are the essence of the movie, as the events described there are highly mysterious and impossible to explain in a simple way.

“Picnic at Hanging Rock” tells the story of a group of girls from private boarding school in Australia, Appleyard College, who, on St. Valentine’s Day in 1900, take a field trip to Hanging Rock, a sacred Aboriginal outcropping located on the edge of the Australian bush. Three of the girls and their mathematics teacher disappear into thin air. One of them is found about week later, but she is not able to say anything about the mysterious events that took place. Police searching action come to nothing and the Hanging Rock secret stays impenetrable. Many questions are raised in the film but no explanation is given.

There are lots of speculations about the events which happened that afternoon on the Hanging Rock, some of them include the possibility of intervention of supernatural forces. Was it the magnetism of the mysterious rock? Did they enter another time line? Or maybe their disappearance was a result of simple accident and they fall into crevice? Another theory involves UFO, and for me this one seems to sound the most reasonable. As strange it may sound, I found there evidences that support my theory.
First of all, people who had watches noticed that all of them stopped exactly at noon. This kind of phenomenon is connected with magnetic emanation from spaceships, which is widely linked with abduction.
Secondly, the girls were moving like in a dream, so they might have been controlled by some supernatural forces that lead them to the place of abduction. It is possible that this was not Miranda’s first abduction as before leaving she warned her friend Sara that she may not return. In that case it is possible that these forces ordered her to bring her friends to the place of abduction for they wanted to make more examinations on them.
Thirdly, the girl that has been found was not able to tell what happened, which might be an indication of the fact that she suffered from time loss, which is very often observed in case of abductees.
This theory also explains why found girl’s feet were unharmed despite the fact that she lost her shoes. It is because she was abducted so she did not move when she was on the UFO’s board. The lack of parts of her clothing may be the result of the examinations that was made on her by extraterrestrials.

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