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Influence of media on the society

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

The influence of the media on the society. It is a problem discussed in many ways. The most important matter is the impact that media have on the children and youth, part of the nation that will build our future but is the most open to suggestions; either good or bad ones. The question is should the government or we put the media under control, or give them only minimal regulations? I don't need to think much about it. I think that social and moral condition of the country is alarming. The people accept more violent and explicit acts every year. The toleration is growing for the things that wouldn't be acceptable few years ago. In my opinion our only concern should be how we should restrict the media, not do it or not to do it.

Television is this days is the most popular source of entertainment, news and information. TV is also the most powerful advertisement tool. This last thing is the biggest problem. Advertisement and things related to commerce run everything. The most of things we watch are made to make money. The programs, movies even news are made to attract more viewers, so advertisers would pay more to put in their ads. The money isn't a bad thing itself. But producers to draw attention of viewers put more and more explicit and controversial things on the air. The best example are talkshows, even if they are "censored" everybody can see what is going on. The subjects taken in them aren't proper to show in daytime public TV that every child can watch.

Another things are movies. The best movie is considered one with explosions, killing, good fights, pretty and sexy ladies and so on...For example "Blade" or "Desperado" There are only few movies that are pointed to our higher feelings, our conscience, the movies that move our heart and soul, f.e. "Simon Birch" or "Titanic". Although in last two or three years we can see that they are making more of those positive ones. I hope that that isn't only the moment's trend and people begun to feel again.

The last thing, I want to return to advertising, ads are attacking us everywhere in TV, radio, newspapers, on the streets. They are different, some of them are nice, and some are annoying. But they all have the same purpose to convience us to buy, to want more... It is making our society especially our children materialistic and oriented for consuming. All they want is that new toy they have seen in TV yesterday. This trend for wanting, and wanting more, and more leads to degradation of the spirit, alienation in run for owning the best goods, some people even commit crimes to posses some things. And finally that turn to materialism leads todisregard for traditions and conventions that define society.

What can we do to prevent this things to go further? One thing is to set rules for advertising aimed on youngest viewers, and put more censorship on daytime TV. But the most important is to instruct people to take care of their children. To guard what they watch in TV, what movies they are watching and so on. Parents should also enlight their children that things they see or hear in media aen`t always true, that there is world of other values and possibilities than world of senseless materialistic competition and violence that ruthless media want us to believe and live in.

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