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If you had a choice to visit any English speaking country where would you like to go, and why?

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

I think that everyone would like to go somewhere. Personally I always wanted to go to the USA, exacly to New York, because my grandmother told me that there is our family I would like to visit the States. This country is located in the west hemisphere. People there have great opportunites to develop their careers

In the western part in the States there are huge Rocky Mountains.

The largest lakes are in the northern part in the party. On the both sides of the continent there are oceans. The Pacific in the west and Atlantic in the east.

The Mississippi is the longest river in the States. Colorado is the most beautiful state in the USA.

In the States we can find a lot of traces of the Pre - Colombian period. There are still surviving Indian tribes. Most of them are on reservations. I would like to visit Florida, which is situated in the south - eastern part of the States. It is a tourist centre. There are beautiful and famous beaches, for example Miami Beach and West Palm Beach.The sun shines all year. People sun - bath on the beaches. I would like to see beautiful nature and many kinds of plants. Apart from all that we can see a lot of palm trees. Many famous people live in Florida: pop singers, film stars and businesmen. so if I have a chance to go somewhere I will go to New York . This city is one of the larger cities on the World. When we think about New York we usually associate it with the statue of liberty, a gift from the French to American People.

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