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If you could give an Oscar Award who would you give it to and why (Polish film or actor or director) – speech

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

If I could give an Oscar Award, I would give it to one of the best Polish comedies - "I don't like Monday" (in Polish: "Nie lubię poniedziałku"). It had its premiere on 27th of August 1971. And since then it has become very popular.

It takes 98 minutes to watch this film. It was directed by Tadeusz Chmielewski, who also wrote a script and dialogs to it - one of the most important things in that film!

"I don't like Monday" is a history of many people, that are teoretically not connected with each other in someway, but at that one day - Monday - their ways meet. Well, also one thing is common for them: they all hate Mondays!

Italian Francesco Romanelli comes to Poland in business matter, but the director, who was to welcome Francesco at the airport, got stuck in the lift. Italian is welcomed by other Polish, who are waiting for someone completely different- At the airport he takes wrong taxi and he wait behind [zostawać gdzieś po odejściu innych] alone in big city. Then he goes to matrymonial office, where the people are seeking for any foreigner. A beautiful cosmetics seller comes there, she is looking for a special kind of man. And she sees Francesco- Immediatelly they go to her shop and- Italian runs away, he accidentally upsets [udaremnia] a robbery [napad].

In another part of Warsaw a policeman, who guides [kieruje] the traffic [ruchem], is to take after his son, because there is a German measles [różyczka] in a kindergarden, and policeman's wife can't take free day from work, which is placed at matrimonial office-

A man from cooperative [spółdzielnia] is looking for some parts of combine [kombajn]. He starts quarelling with a taxidriver, who is driving after the man through all the city.

Drunken artist is not able to reach his house (in this part: Bohdan Łazuka, playing himself!).

Skiving man [bumelant, ktoś unikający pracy], who has fallen asleep in an inappropriate place, is taken up by a crane [dźwig]-

And so on-

It's brilliant comedy of chances, of different ways which meet somewhere. A film in which very good actors are playing (for example: Wiktor Zborowski or - mentioned before - Bohdan Łazuka, also popular TV presenter - Jan Suzin, playing himself).

There are many funny situations, humorous dialogs.

The film is like championship of the world!

Well, it's not a new film, it is 29 years "old", but it tells us something about living in "that" times, with that politics, that system [ustrój (społeczny)], that ironic situations. Well they are not (fortunatelly!) up to date now [aktualne], but they remind us about that strange times.

I think that film really deserves a reward!

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