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I am in the perfect shape

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Technological invasion has made our lives easier but at the same time we have become lazy. Many people aren`t healthy and they aren`t in a good shape, but not me, I am in a perfest shape.

Firstly I take exercise every day, I like them very much. I make knee bendings, I train my stomach muscles, I lift weights. In summer I run everyday. I like mountains very much so I go there to walk along the hiking trails. I practised Karate and I was a member of a fittnes club. I trained there very hard and it made me feel happy and strong. Cigarettes degradate our form and causes diseases such as heart disease, so I don`t smoke. I am keen on football, basketball and volleyball. I am able to swim very fast and run for long distances.

I think that it is enough for one person, so if you want be as healthy as I am you should take at least a half of this exercices.

People should tarin more and sleep more to be healthier.

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