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How and from where do you find out about the world?

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

In our daily life we always have contact with information - all kind of information. We are almost flooded by information. On every step we have served news. No matter how, it can be through a radio, TV, newspaper or even through the Internet. Journalists search out new sensational events. They fight for client. The more people read the newspaper the more readers posses the magazine the more money they can earn. Here comes to a kind of a paradox. We are not able to read everything. We can't remember everything. Through the lack of time we are unable even to sort out the news and acquaint with them. We are overworked and don't want to here this entire scream of the world. We need a bit silence.

As far as I'm concerned I find out about the world from the radio and TV. I used to watch regularly TV new, but now I don't. I listen only to the radio, but only while doing some not complicated homework. If I have to concentrate on some difficult task I prefer to turn it off or listen to some calm music. I also noticed that after hours of being bombarded by those sounds I'm not capable to concentrate. I simply feel tired.

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