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Historia literatury angielskiej

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Characteristic features of old eng literature: - alliteration-the repetition of initial sounds is stress syllables ; - meter-iambic meter; -ceasura-przerwa na nabranie oddechu= 2 accented syllables in the 1st half line, then caesura and then next half line/ any number of unaccented; -kenning-compounds used instead of simple words.

Beowulf (6th c):
-3182 lines preserved; -Scop (minstrel)-wedrujacy poeta; -genre=heroic epic poem = talks about great heroes; -Danes,Geats, Jutes; -Loyalty = special relationship between the king and his thanes; =relationship of kinship this relationship is based on love, it’s very strong; -fate/destiny= characters believe that fate controls them; -written by Christian poet; -plot is taken from folktales and legends; -mixture of pagan and Christian tradition

Bede-Eccllsiastical History of England
6th-7th c- reintroduction of Christianity
2different cultural influences: -german tribes; -christianity

Kinds of poetry in middle ages:
1. HEROIC poetry: -written in anglo-saxon (old English) language; -alliteration; -absence of rhymes; -presence of the caesura; -aim-to reward great warriors,fighters.
->Lay-narrative epic poem: -aim to immortalize the names of great warriors; -atmosphere in these poems is rather gloomy and dark
There r 30.000 lines of old eng poetry that preserve to modern times:
1. Ms Cotton Vitellus –Beowulf, Judith
2. The Junius MS – Genesis, Daniel, Christianed Satan (Bodlein Library,Oxford)
3. The Exeter Book –Christ, The Wonderer, The Sea Farer, Widsith
4. The Vercelli Book –Address of the Soul to the Body, The Dream of the Road, Elene.

2. RELIGIOUS poetry-8th-10th c: -Caedmon’s Hymn (9lines only); OLD SCHOOL POETRY:*Cynewulf-he used running letters; poems=Christ, Juliana, Elein, Aposthols; -aim to learn people about christianity, to prize the Lord; *”Ruthwell Cross”-Jesus is called young hero there,he’s brave.
3. ELEGY: -the most lyrical of old eng poetry; -:Wonderer”-it’s a lament of solitary man
Lyrical poetry-deals with emotions,it expresses personal emotions
Epic poetry-its aim is to tell a story
4. UBI SUNT THEME-“gdzie sa niegdysiejsze sniegi”: -„The Seafarer “; -“The ruin”; -anglo-saxon love poems: -“The Wife’s Lament”; -“The Husband’s Message”; -“Wulf and Eadwater”
5. RIDDLES/Gnomic verses-very short poems that describe sth.
6. 10th c HEROIC POETRY: -“The Battle of Brunaburgh” celebrates the soldiers but as a whole group of warriors and not the only one hero personally.
7. ANGLO –SAXON POETRY-religious and didactic 11th, 12th c: -“The Worcester Fragment”; -“Poema Morale”; -“Cursor Mundi”; -octosylabic couplet; -1200”The Owl and The Nightingale”-debat
8. ROMANS: *Verse Romance- a story about some unimportant events; plot contain a lot of elements;there is a fight but rather about views; *Chanson de gest:-action-north of France; longue d’oil; -country love, tradition

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