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High School of Horrors

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

My high school career could be an interesting study of profiles. Although I encountered many types, only four of them, among teachers, are interesting. What do you think about school where most of the instructors can be defined as madmen, schizophrenic, or indifferent? Do not worry there were some that fall under scholar definition.

Mr. Olejniczak, he was a geography teacher, a madman type. I always liked geography, it all changed with Mr. O. He changed it into a countless string of statistics and details. I got to hand it to him he had perfect memory and vast knowledge of his subject, but he required the same performance from his students. When somebody did not make it (about 99.9 % of my class) he made fun of that person and humiliated him.

Maybe I should classify him as a sadist? It does not matter much now, but what can I say after 3 years with a madman?

Mrs. Graczyk was our class advisor; she also was our math teacher. She was a schizophrenic. As our advisor she was the best in the world, she could listen to any problem, and help students with anything they wanted. When she entered our mathematics class it was a different story. She could shout, scream, call us idiots an constantly undermine our confidence. Talk about conflict of interests. One good thing about it though, after this math "boot camp" I am well ahead with material in College.

Final "psycho" was Mr. Nazarewski, an English teacher. I had him for two years and I did not learn a thing. When we asked him something he just said: "Whatever", or

"I really do not know". He was the indifferent type. His successor could be classified either as a madman, or schizophrenic. So instead of something better we end up with even worse "teacher."

So far my high school seems like a mental clinic, there were some real teachers over there, the scholars type. One of them Mrs. Twarog (her name means cottage cheese in English), although funny last name she was serious and competent. She taught us physics, to this day I love physics. Her lectures could interest anyone. Scholar type is almost extinct over there. Pity.

Every one of those people could be a topic for a research paper. I prefer not to enlarge upon them. Study of psychology was never my strongest side.

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