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Globalization should be viewed as a battlefield with winners and losers.

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Globalization should be viewed as a battlefield with winners and losers

According to the statement of experts, ?globalization refers to the expansion of global linkages, the organization of social life on a global scale, and the growth of a global consciousness, hence to the consolidation of world society.? Global development of technology concerns everyone and influences on people?s life everyday. From this it must be clear that globalization is the most important issue facing the world today, that is why it should be viewed as a battlefield with winners and losers. What or who can be a potential winner or loser? The answer is quite easy because it is deeply connected with advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
To begin with winners of globalization, it is essential to mention about progress in medicine. On the whole, general health is now improving, and in the developing countries medical aid programmes are already working towards creating a healthier population. Scientists are inventing new medicines against terminal diseases. More over, the percentage of people who die of cancer is decreasing every year. From this medical aspect, people are winners as they win their chance to live longer.
Development of global technologies such as the Internet, communication satellites, submarine fiber optic cable, and wireless telephones spread through the whole world, especially the developing countries. The Internet seems to be the most important among them because it is a treasury of information. Due to this fact, everybody can develop his or her skills, hobbies and learn something new. Via Internet people can do shopping, pay their bills or even book a plane ticket. Added to this, they have an opportunity to get to know new people or commnicate with family. Almost every company is now computerized which makes duties of employees much easier. It is common knowledge that the Internet is a major winner of globalization process.
The freedom exchange of goods and capital on a global common market is the next important advantage of economic globalization. The creation of the global trade market is based on the experiences of many countries, especially the United States and France. Therefore, it is centralized by strong supervision, high disclosure requirements, and electronic paperless trade. Globalization makes easier to expand people?s businesses. It is owing to the fact, that trade market is developing all the time and as a result it reduces barriers to raise money to purchase new machinery, premises, technologies, etc. In this way, investors are winners of globalization as they are able to fulfill their economic and financial policies.
Unfortunately, there are also bad aspects of this issue. The main disadvantage of globalization is the environmental pollution concerning global warming, the loss of species, industrial fumes and overfishing of the ocean. Changes in the environment have a direct impact on the whole planet, f.ex. climate change and destruction of ecosystems may endanger all life on the planet. More and more factories produce a lot of fumes and waste which threaten the existance of people and animals. Due to the fact that natural environment is now polluted, people, animals and other existances are losers of globalization.
The second and probably the most world-wide disadvantage is namely the growth in unemployment. It has partly been caused by improvements in technology as well as changing economic factors, which together mean that the job market is shrinking. Unemployment can of course have a devastating effect on the quality of people?s life. If people are unemployed, they are unable to earn money and it is a fact of life that without an income it is difficult to live. It is common knowledge that not only does job provide financial support, it gives also pride and self-esteem. This problem concerns especially the Third World countries, in which the characteristic feature is deep poverty and unemployment. Due to this fact, the Third World countries are the biggest losers of globalization.
To sum up, the process of globalization can or even should be viewed as a battlefield in which people are winners and also losers. From this it must be clear that investors, scientists and users of computers get a lot of benefits concerning this issue, they are winners. Development of medicine helps to cure people of terminal diseases, the Internet makes our life easier and faster and finally investors develop the trade market and decrease poverty by giving people an employment. On the other hand, people from the Third World countries and animals are losers of globalization. The environmental pollution causes the physical disorder of people and animals, it kills also some endangered species. Poverty destroys people?s life. Due to this fact, everyone should regard globalization as a battlefield which can save our planet or even demage it.

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