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Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Freedom is what every human being has a right to have. It's meaning is very wide, but we can say that it is something like an independence. Every human on the planet Earth has a right to be free from other people, has a right to have his own views, his own faith, his own way of living, his own lifestyle and so on, etc... . But he also is obliged to respect the rights of the others . It's essential for every man on earth to tolerate the behavior and the personalities of the ones he is living among. The rights of one man cannot collide with the rights of the other. No one can be superior to any other person. The situation when one person controls the other is not to be tolerated and the supervision of people by any person no matter how important he is, is thoroughly inadmissible. Unfortunately the right to freedom is not everywhere obeyed.

But luckily it is getting better. Since the most ancient times freedom was a luxury only few could achieve. In general freedom of people was totally restricted until the first democratic systems appeared in Greece at the end of sixth century BC. In ancient Greece and Rome people were living quite comfortably. But after the fall of Rome, world was dominated by religion - Christianity in Europe and Islam in south-west Asia and northern Africa. In fact every country in these years ( means something like IV - XVII century ) was the one that the faith was its law. Not only Europe and Asia but also some local religions or better ceremonial burials in wild Africa, Aztec and Inca faiths or nomadic, north-American Indian tribes' ones.

And of course the religion may be the code of laws for human, but no one can tell me how my faith should look like. But this tendency to control not well educated people by the heads of church has passed with the beginning of the age of philosophers and capitalism in XVIII century. While the industrial revolution was proceeding its development the money was gradually becoming that factor which was responsible for broadening some people's rights. Huge masses of people were totally dependant from the few rich people who owed a factories, manufactures and so on.

After the two world wars freedom has become a heritage of far bigger group of world's population. Since the mid 50s till the late 70s almost every country of so called third world gained independence. Yet the moment when one country occurred on the world map as free nation didn't mean that it's inhabitants became totally free. Most of African countries changed one regime for another. Quite similar situation, but maybe on a smaller scale, has taken place in Russia in late 80s and early 90s, when the structure of USSR has collapsed. The new democratic government was a group of people, who earned a lot on poor society, pushing their country onto the edge of misery. The Russian nation was totally devastated by 78 years of communists rules of fear, violence, lies and total lack of privacy of its citizens.

After the abolition of the regime, society was divided for few groups - those who had power, money, those, who were beyond the law, businessmen but also for poor, hungry people ( majority ) and the criminal underworld. Fragmented society, where one group supervise another isn't a good environment for development of freedom and human rights. And without it, the whole country won't develop. Freedom is what every nation needs to develop, it is the engine of a rich, modern country, it's the essence of democratic society, where every citizen has a right and possibility to participate in creating the fundaments of his own happiness.

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