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Flying Car - "Skydriver"

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /28.08.2007

Have you ever daydreamed about your car taking off and flying over the road? Imagine if you could just flip a switch and unshackle yourself from the asphalt!
Traffic jams are the bane of any commuter. Many of us spend hours stuck in traffic every week.
One solution to reduced this problem was to create a new type of transportation that doesn't rely on roads, which could one day make traffic jams a 20th century relic (zabytek). To do this, we looked to the sky.
You've probably heard promises about flying cars before, and the technology to make them safe and easy to fly, we finally made this dreams come true. We made a flying car, ma made a Skydriver. No traffic, no red lights, no speeding tickets. Just quiet direct transportation from point A to point B in a fraction of the time.
We made a survey among rich people whoso have everything they want, we asked them what is their dream. Most of them said that they want to fly like a bird.
We will made a tv advertisment in which we will show a businessman stucked in a trafiic jam who is in a hurry. After a while he get angry and he push a pink buttom at the right site of him and is telling loud the name od the street he want to get to, the car goes up and fly above other cars to the destination point.
Skydriver is designed to take off and land vertically (pionowo) in small spaces. It can reach speeds of 400 mph (644 kph), but will cruise at around 350 mph (563 kph). Gasoline, diesel, alcohol, kerosene and propane can be used to fuel the Skydriver, and its fuel mileage will be comparable to that of a medium-sized car, getting 32.2 km to the gallon.

The initial cost of a Skydriver will be about 1 million$, but once it begins to be mass produced that price could come down to as low as 60,000$.
To make the Skydriver safe and available to the general public, it will be completely controlled by computers using GPS satellites. In case of an accident, the vehicle will release a parachute and airbags, internally and externally, to cushion the impact of the crash.
It will be powered by fans that are driven by four internal combustion engines, this redundancy of engines will allow the vehicle to land even if one of the engines is lost
Skydriver will be simple to use. Drivers will get in, turn on the power and enter the address or phone number of their destination. Skydriver will do the rest. the system will be almost fully automatic, but may allow some manual control. Commands will be entered just by telling the car what you want it to do.
The Bugatti concern bought from us the licence to producing and selling our skycar because we are only the inventors and designers of this car, but most of benefits we will get, not bugatti, they are only the conctractors. It will be sell in Bugatti’s showrooms, and at the begining it will be a limited series.
Our target audience are rich people, especially snobs, which will pay every price to fly everyday not by airplane, but by oryginal car, later the skycar will be available to other poeple.
Heve you ever dreamt about the day you can buzz around in your very own flying machine? Well, that day is now, buy skydriver and just fly!

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