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Family Dinner

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /13.04.2007

“Family Dinner”

We all know that what and how we eat is very important.
In my family, dinner, as the main meal, is a tradition, especially on Sunday.
This day, free from work, is the best time to meet the whole family. I live only with my parents. My sister is married and lives with her husband in Bilgoraj. My brother is also married and lives with his wife in Lublin.
So I, my mother and my father can't meet them during the week and talk to them.
I have a grandfather too. He lives next to my house so I can see him anytime I want to.
Every Sunday morning my siblings visit us.
We go to church together. Later we go to a supermarket to do some shopping, especially to buy ingredients for the prospective family dinner.
On about midday we come back home and start preparing dishes.
Everyone has a specific task to do. For example, my mother peels potatoes, later she boils them, my sister boils pasta and water - she often makes a soup.
My brother and I always do the "meat dish", but this what we do depends on this what we bought doing the shopping. We usually prepare pork chops or hamburgers, rarely duck, chicken or ribs.
My father is a sauce specialist and a dessert expert as well. I love it when he does vanillia ice cream in summer!
Whereas we are preparing the dinner, the only person in my family who doesn't do anything is the grandfather. Nobody forces him to do anything because of his age. But although he is 90 years old, he looks quite good.
We have dinner at about 3 o'clock P.M.
When everything is ready we lay to the table. This is an rotating activity.
Every week two different people do this. Also the same people wait at the table to serve dinner.
While we are eating, we are speaking about lots of things. For example, job, school, family, politics and have fun at the same time. After eating the dishes are taken to the dishwasher.
Later on my siblings go back home to Lublin and Bilgoraj.
Then the day gets boring because I have nothing to do.
I'm too lazy to learn on Sunday evening so I only watch TV or listen to music.
To sump up, I have to admit that I spend a really good time every Sunday. I love my family very much and I will always do.

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