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Every man is the architect of his own future

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Today many people are pessimist, they are dissatisfied with life, they think that everything is unjustly ,they always complain. But also many of people who are self-contented they achieve hapiness, they enjoy life, they also are enthusiastic about small things. In my view everyone is they architect of his own future and the people shouldn`t think negative about own future and people shouldn`t also to look –... everything with a critical eye.

Personally I very often think about my future . Now I go to the secondary school. I would like to past exams then I would like to take the entrance examination to high school then I would like to study maybe something about films . I want to have a good job,this is very important for me I know that I must be strong, intelligent,to be full of optymism, and I must hard work then in the future will be better for me.

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