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Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

In this paper I want to focus on problems which euthanasia involves. First some ground of clearing and preparation: euthanasia means a gentle and easy death and has come to mean the good death of another or mercy killing.

It is controversial, because it brings into conflict one of society's attitudes expressed morally, legally, philosophically, and religiously that human life deserves special protection. In fact, some claim that human life is an absolute value. For them the taking of human life then becomes a wrong event, even in the case of voluntary euthanasia. And for some, this moral wrong should be prohibited by the full force of the law.

It used to be that death meant termination of breathing. Later doctors defined death as a total stoppage of the circulation of blood. This definition served well until recent technology made it possible to sustain respiration and heartbeat, even when there is no brain activity.

Medical advances and technology have made it possible, for example, for us to cure pneumonia in a person suffering from terminal cancer by using antibiotics; before this discovery that patient would have died of pneumonia. So there is a big responsibility lying on people who decide about performing euthanasia.

Euthanasia is discussed in churches, schools, homes and medical societies. But still, there is no shortage of information and opinion.

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