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Euthanasia - a licence to kill

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

During the last few years the problem of euthanasia has been a matter of big controversy. The basic question is what exactly euthanasia is and what we need it for. A dictionary definition says that euthanasia is the painless killing of people who are incurably ill or very old. On the other hand from the religious point of view it is just a kind of murder and is perceived as an inhumane procedure. Consultants, just like their patients, have variable opinions about it. Of the two main viewpoints relating this problem, one includes its definite banning, whereas the other advocates it as an acceptable way of eliminating very old and extremely ill individuals from our society.

. The main argument of supporters of the former opinion is that if a person is terminally ill and intolerably suffering, giving just one dose of killing medicament in order to let him pass in peace may be a good solution. For those who think that euthanasia is interfering with nature there is another argument. Namely, is aggressive life-prolonging treatment and life-supporting machinery in harmony with nature? No, it is not. So why euthanasia must be natural?

An important aspect of euthanasia is that this procedure is not in tune with medical ethics. Doctors should always try to help people and never to slay them. Thus, there is still the paramount problem of who is allowed doing that.

Although I understand some arguments of people advocating euthanasia, in my opinion it should not be justified under any circumstances. Firstly, I consider it a cruel management Secondly; it may contribute to many abuses. Finally, even doctors sometimes do mistakes. There have been anecdotal cases of patients considered incurable, who subsequently recovered. Moreover, contemporary medicine, although not always curative, in almost all situations allows for avoiding severe suffering.

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