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Englishman's everyday life (speech)

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

I'd like to tell you something about an Englishman's everyday life. I'll try to bring you closer their habits on the example of an English family, whom I spent my last year holiday with. Their life was nearly the same as ours, but there were some differences. This family consists of 4 people - my hostmother Maria, hostfather David and 2 children - Carly and James. Maria was auxiliary nurse, Dave was a builder and Carly, nevertheless she was 16 year old, worked in a shop, because it's popular with the young to have an odd job.

Maria used to wake up very early so as not to be late to the hospital, but the rest of the family usually woke up at 7am. English breakfast is not diversified. The basic meal consists: cereal with milk and toasts with jam and orange juice - it is during the week. But during the weekend, when they have more time, they serve a typical hot meal called "English breakfast" which consist of beacon & eggs, bean in tomato sauce and sausages.

At 12 noon, the English have an hour-long break for lunch, which they used to spend in the nearest café.

They come back home at 5pm, and after having short rest, they set about cooking. Dinner used to be between 6 and 7 p.m. Maria, who was excellent cooker, usually made dinners. But sometimes she was on call night shift, and Dave had to cook instead her. English dinners are thought to be horrible, and it's usually true, but I was lucky having such a wonderful cooker. After dinner we used to sit in lounge talking and watching TV or listening to the music.

On Saturday morning Maria usually did shopping. She used to do it in the supermarket where everything was cheaper and at one place.

When the weather was nice they use to take their children to the public gardens to play mini-golf or other family games or they went to the beach.

They went to bed very early - at 9pm. Only Carly used to be out yet. English youth used to spend their evenings in various pub discos or in the cinemas. Exactly like polish youth...

Thank u.

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