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English - your passport to the future

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

I think English is my passport to the future. You can ask why? It's easy. I would like to live in the USA, find a good job and have a lot of money. But if I want to have a good work my English have to be almost perfect. I kneed to know grammar and a lot of vocabulary. Everywhere you go the first questions are "do you know how to use computer and can you speak English". And if you had no luck (finding a new job) you can still learn English - and earn for your living.

English is very helpful when you travel a lot. Almost everywhere people can speak English. As far as I can remember I could speak English in many various situations and people understood me.

Computers - yes, you kneed to know English here too. Almost every program is written in English. Every part of the computer (hard-drive, main-board...), the manual instructions are in English - anywhere you move English is the most important thing.

If you want to use the Internet or any in-line programs (like mIRC) that allow you to speak with many people all over the world you must know written English.

If you want to have a nice wife you must have a lot of money - but to earn them you must have a well paid job (English is required).

To say the least you can't even move without knowing English!

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