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Disability can be a challenge. Discuss. (for and against essay).

Autor /REAXYSYNCPYNC Dodano /26.11.2007

Good health is a real treasure for a human. However, it was not given to all of us. There are many disabled people, who have problems with their bodies. They have been disabled since they were born or due to accidents or diseases. The life of such people is more difficult than ours. But can disability be a challenge?
Firstly, there are many disabled people, who have overcome such obstacles. If you want, you can do it- this is their motto. Doing special exercises you can make your disabled body work better. Thus, you can make your and your family life easier, because you can do more things on your own.
Secondly, disability does not mean lying in bed and staring at the wall. There are more and more facilities, which allow disabled people to make their dreams come true. Many public buildings and institutions have special roads for the disabled. Medicines packagings have special signs written in Braille on their surfaces, which enable the blind to know the name of medicines. There are also job offers for disabled, which means that employers are aware of the fact, that disabled does not mean stupid.
On the other hand, being disabled is still difficult in today's world. People are unwilling towards the disabled. They do not care about them, do not want to help. It is often believed, that if someone has problems with their bodies, they are also worse. Parents often leave their disabled children, saying that this is not what they have dreamt of.
What is more, financial problems are one of the primary causes of problems with overcoming disability. There is no refundation of medicine drugs, that are usually necessary to recover. Not only lack of money makes treatment more difficult, but also less efficient. Situation is similar as far as the equipment is concerned. Some special tools cost a lot, so they are unavailable for poor people.
Taking everything into consideration, being disabled has some bright and dark sides. Disability is a huge problem, but with determination and help of other people it can be a great challenge. This can be a fight, where you can win if you only want.

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