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Did you know that... (speech)

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Soon we won't use normal cars!

Normal cars, which we use now, are getting more and more safety, but still everything depends on a driver, who is - as everybody know - a being that could be tired, could be under pressure and under alcohol. -on a driver, who has his efficiency (sprawność) and his skills (umiejętności), who must be ready to arrive at decision (podjąć decyzję) and reaction fractionally (ułamek sekundy). However, maybe he doesn't have to.

In 1997 in Frankfurt Mitsubishi presented prototype called HSR-V1, which was driving without a driver! Since 1994 there have been researched experiments in USA with special parts of highways, where special cars would drive without a control of a man. It is called Automated Highway System. NavLab is another "new" car. The one with number 1 was Chevrolet with much electronics inside. Now there is NavLab number 5, which is Pontiac and which soon have 6 cameras system, radar and lasers. RALPH - minibus made by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University - drove by himself 98% of 4800 km way from Pittsburgh to San Diego and had average (średnia) speed 105 km/h.

Since 1985 in University of Bremen there has been formulated (opracowywany) an i-Car, which means exactly intelligent car. It's not a usual car. From outside it wouldn't differ from another, "normal" cars - there would be only a camera on the roof. It will be used to recognize traffic lights or signs. Every information will be sent to the computer inside a car. I-Car would also have navigating system, which would lead it through streets and cities. Every vehicle would have 3-D map of the city, which he drives in. First I-Cars would have a button, which would let to choose between normal and automatic driving.

There are many causes, why people will love I-Car:

1. Probability of a crash will decrease.

2. Even a person who is very tired or ill could reach (docierać3. ) the destination

4. Everybody could have fun on the parties, because I-cars would cart away (odwozić5. ) drunken persons home

6. Older people could travel, even if they couldn't drive because of some illness.

7. Public transport would be cheaper, because there would be no sense in engaging (zatrudnianie) drivers

8. Lorries without drivers would reduce costs of a freight transport (przewóz towarowy).

9. Many people would save fortunes because they would only borrow I-Cars, not buy them. After use, I-Car would come back to the car park by himself.

10. Every borrowed I-Car could be adjusted (dostosowany) to requirements. It could be luxurious limousine (luksusowa limuzyna) or minibus.

11. Everyone would forget about problems with a place to park. When everybody would get out of the car, it would find a car park by himself and come back, when called.

12. Owing to (dzięki czemuś) navigating system, I-Car wouldn't get lost even in the worst atmosphere terms or during weaving (kluczyć13. ) through the streets in unknown city.

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