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Descrption of a family member. (200-250 words)

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /06.10.2006

The earliest memories of my uncle date back my childhood. He always was an expected guest and the one who made me aware of my future passion - music.

This plump, balding man in his forties doesn’t resemble a professor or choir manager. His often unshaven face hides mysterious eyes and tight mouth. As regards to uncle’s clothes, they leave a lot to be desired. However, during the concerts he looks delightfully – suddenly slimmer, more handsome…

He shows great expression and dedication while he conducts. In spite of his rather clumsy appereance, no-one can deny his amazing personality. Apparently he used to be more energetic and outgoing but certainly remained extremely punctual and demanding. He claims those are indicators of his professionalism.

As a musician he achieved almost everything. Despite being happily married, he has always had a mistress – music. His zeal and determination had vast influence on my hunger for art. In the “free time” he travels and gives concerts. Apart from those, he tries not to spoil his daughter more than she is.

Unfortunately we meet so rarely that whenever it happens, he acts as a kind of novelty. What a luck I remember him from my childhood – not as a prim lecturer but as Mr Entertainer who improvised concerts and theatres to pamper his little niece.

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