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Description of a place (Cambridge)

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Last summer I had an opportunity to go to Great Britain in order to improve my english. I went to Cambridge, where I stayed for three weeks. Before I left I had made myself familiar with this city. Consequently I would like to write a few words about Cambridge. But my purpouse is not to present all the monuments, museums and churches. I am going to write about the city's atmosphere and it's social life especially night-life.

If you are fond of clubing go to Cambridge! You will find there many interesting clubs like "Po Na Na" for instance. Every sunday they organise there an "Happy Hour", which is all-night long, wild party. But there is also something for real dancers at Po Na Na's: "Latin Night & Salsa Cliente Lessons".

My favourite club in Cambridge is the "Junction". The only bad thing about it is it's placement- it is quite far from the centre.And it is very easy to get lost at night when comming back from a party (which I have experienced myself). The atmosphere there is very nice but nevertheless sometimes you get bored after five hours of the modern dance music. Things are different when there is the "Boogie Wonderland" night at Junction-party with 70's and 80's disco music. Then the staff throws flovers into the crowd and fools around a stage-it is unbelievable.

The entrance to the mentioned parties is forbidden for the youngsters (unless you have a fake ID). Obviously there are some parties for teenagers but they finish at about 10 pm and are full of eleven-year-old children, so if you are sixteen or seventeen and you want to have a real fun get yourself a fake identity.

There is also a huge number of pubs in Cambridge. I suppose that the most famous one is the "Hogshead". Personally I think it is too commercial(if you know what I mean). I prefer small pubs, dull and full of smoke. Hogshead is large, two-storey place that reminds me rather a restaurant than a pub. In my opinion the best places to go are:"Bakers Yard","The Fountaine" or "Devonshire Arms" where you can really rest chatting with your friends, feeling anonymous in the remote, dark corner with a pint of cold, refreshing ale in your hand.

Many people instead of going to a pub prefer to stay in Parker's Piece which is a park placed in the middle of the city(Cambridge has a lot of parks but some of them like for instance Jesus' Green are places where you can find cows!). Very often hundreds of people stay there untill late night and some of them even untill early morning. Parker's Piece is the best place to go if you are looking for new (girl)friends. "Can I have a fag, please?" is the sentence that almost always allows you to start a longer conversation.

Cambridge is rather a safe city, the crime rate is not very high. However try not to leave your bike unchained to anything! It will vanish into thin air. Some citizens of Cambridge joke that it is David Coperfield's job but it really is not funny when you have to walk home for about 45 minutes at night because your bicycle is gone, even though the city is not dangerouse.

In my opinion Cambridge is the best place to go for your holiday. This city makes you feel that it is worth working for 10 months just to earn for a vacation like this. In Cambridge life resembles to be one, big, neverending party. And if you wake up one morning with a strong hangover, feeling you have a mouth like a budgie's cage bottom and regreting what happened the day before, you can always confess your sins in one of many churches in Cambridge.

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