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Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Bournemouth is a city that can't be easily forgotten. It is sittuatted on the south coast of Great Britain, on the Poole Bay. It's not a ver big town, only 250 000 people live there, however, it seems to be much bigger, because a lot of students from the whole world visit it every year to improove their English in one of over two hundreds language schools.

Bournemouth is a fabulous and peaceful city, but its town centre is always busy, noisy and full of people. This British city has a specific climate - it's always humid so that some exotic plants grow there.

In Bournemouth there aren't many monuments, however, there are many places worth seeing. Very impressive are St Paul's church, the piers and many city's gardens - the places where people meet. Alternatively, if you are a sports fan you can go swimming at the Splash Down Centre, go sunbathing, play football or mini-golf in one of many public parks. In the evening Bournemouth is still alive - discos, pubs and the beach are full of people.

Bournemouth is a bustling and friendly city. I recommend it especially for students who want to practise their English, and socialise with people from the whole world.

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