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Describe two areas of the town or city you live in which are very different from each other, and explain why they are so different.

Autor /naireUnixRink Dodano /16.06.2005

M. M. city is located not far from Warsaw and is divided into two areas - the New and Old City. The general impression of the town is that the whole town is the same but when we look closer we can notice many differences between each other parts.

The main difference between them is the location. The New City, one of the modern areas of the town, is located in the south of the town, close to the centre whereas the Old City is situated in the north part of the town and is kind of the superb.

At first glance the New City differs from the Old one due to the fact that this part of the town is full of blocks of flats and larger buildings with higher developed industry. In the Old City, in contrast with the New City, people live in big houses and the Old City has not got as many health centers, schools, restaurants, shops and other facilities as the New City. If somebody wants to buy something has to drive to the city, where in the New City I would go to the nearest shop and get these products.

On the other hand the New City, compared to the Old City is much more crowded. People living in the Old City are more relaxed and have more peace than people from the New City because this area is surrounded with gardens and occupied by green space. This area is not only so noisy but also there are no parking problems and car accidents.

Despite the fact that living in the New City is easier, more comfortable and exciting it is also more dangerous and people are afraid of being robbed or attacked. What makes the Old City safer place is the fact that people usually know their neighbors and they can count on their help if it is necessary.

All in all, despite many differences between these two areas there is one common thing - people have the same hopes and desires for better tomorrow. I hope my town will make me feel secure and it will be my home forever.

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