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Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Many thanks for your letter. Firstly I want to apologize for not having written for so long. I`m sorry to hear you`re in hospital. No one told me that you`re there.

Anyway, you asked me about my holiday. Well! Everything would have been fantastic if we hadn`t had such a terrible weather. Most of the time it was raining and even when it wasn`t it was cold and windy. Because of that we couldn`t enjoy ourselves.

To make things worse when we were on shopping some young robbers stole our all money. Even though we went straight to the police they couldn`t do anything to help us.

So, now you see, I had terrible holiday.

By the way, mentioned that you`re alone in hospital, nobody visits you and your parents are away. I`d really love to visit you but I`m a bit busy for the next two days and I won`t be able to come till next Monday, maybe Tuesday. If you like, I`ll bring a radio and some things to read with me.

Aha! One more thing! Do let me know about visiting hours.

See you soon,

Yours truly,


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