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Computer – freedom or slavery?

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

Almost every home, office or school has a computer nowadays. Many people feel that these machines are now an essential part of our lives, but how necessary are these really. One of the main advantages is the time than can be saved by using a computer. This is especially beneficial in the workplace, where employess can do their for faster then they could in the past. In addiction to this, computer can be educational and fun. From a very young age, children can gain basic computer skills though programmes that allow them to learn draw, paint and play.

In today’s technological world it his knowledge can only help then in the future. However there are various negative aspects to using computers. Many proffesions were forgotten due to work of computers replaces effects of their work. This has less to high unemployment in many countries. What is move computers can actually cause health problems. Endless hour in front of a screen can cause eye stain and headache, which are serious side – effects.

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