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Compare living in the city center. Lliving on the outskirts of a city.

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /22.10.2005

Life in a city center is often contrasted with life in the country, with the farmer meaning the root of all evil and the latter suggesting a paradise on earth. However, people have always been attracted to big urban land. Let's examine some of the reasons for such differences of attitude and opinion.
As far as the advantages of living in a city center are concerned, these are above all the professional and cultural opportunities offered to its inhabitants. In a big city, every day seems to bring new exciting prospects. What is more, the throngs of people with whom that excitement is shared can also be seen as a positive factor since some people feel safe in a crowd. This a big city brings change and variety to human existence.
On the other hand, many of a big city's attractions have their dark sides, too. Access to career options means stress and competition. The city's cultural potential, however immense , is not affordable to everybody. Moreover, people in a city center are more vulnerable, often falling victim to crime on its mean streets and as for constant change and excitement, they involve noise and traffic jams.
To conclude, it appears that life in a big city a mixed blessing. However, it is up to each of us to decide whether to live in a city center despite its problems, or to stay away from it despite its attractions.

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