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Clinton Scandal & Vote on President's Impeachment

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Clinton Scandal & Vote on President's Impeachment.

I live in the United States of America only 5 months and already I begin to feel sick about it. Don't get me wrong, everything is great for me around here. Everyone is helpful and nice. But the thing that so nice country is doing with its president. It is horrible! Sure he has done some wrong things but this turmoil is too much. My only opinion is:

"Drop it, now!"

But it is not enough; I don't want to cite any people, newspaper, or other source.

Enough is enough. Everyone has something to say about it, there is not too much to add to it. But I feel I have to say something. I say, that you AMERICA should end this madness and go on. This whole scandal has done nothing good to you. Not only your fight on it and political contest makes you little funny in foreign eyes, this is only one thing. You are distracted from more important things going on in the world, and this can make the mess a whole lot worse.

How you look in other countries? Most of them doesn't even care anymore. For example in Polish newspapers there is only a note about it once about few days on 7 page in the bottom. In German magazine Der Stern there are very funny commentaries about this whole thing. And fighting over it like hungry vultures doesn't help. Saying vultures I mean republicans that know that Clinton's offenses are not impeachable but are pressing the thing forward only because of imagined political advantage. According to newspapers 80% of Congress could be impeached by those standards. They are making themselves silly in eyes of the world. Media especially the Press has pumped the story to sell more and more and to make money on it not caring about their country.

Everybody tries to increase their own power on it. I understand competition not merciless fight.

And what is going on in the world. The world trembles in economical troubles, Russia can go communist again, Pakistan and India are on the edge of nuclear conflict. The most important that terrorists from entire world can take advantage of distracted public opinion and officials and strike on vulnerable America. Don't forget the thing with Osama Ben-Laden (closest spelling that I know). And Congress is worried about whether the President touched a breast. This is outrageous.

This whole distraction can lead to nothing good. Its insanity whole process can take about 6-12 months and may cause USA to enter new millennium in crushing Depression. If these things can happen to the most powerful person in the world, It could happen to anyone. If a leader can be thrown out of office for minor offences like that- No one can be sure of their future. People will loose their respect for governing bodies, for removing overwhelmingly popular president. In some countries it is called treason or coup.

And such symptoms of civil war mean terrible things for every one of us.

Being only legal resident I thought I should be not involved in this impeachment thing, but it seems that nobody can escape from it. I read a lot of newspapers and watch every news to practice my English skills and to learn more about place where I spent at least few next years of my life. But I am disgusted by politics and scandals. Reviewing few things that I wrote earlier, I want to ask only one question:

"What happened to America that I always thought of as of free country of justice and common sense that lead the people to achieve such success in its short history?"

I guess like every great empire of the past it is sinking in fight over power and money, blind to its own sickness. The whole Clinton's impeachment case is only one of the symptoms.

Hot commentary 12/17/98:

Yesterday President Clinton ordered a bombarding of Iraq. Some may say that he want to turn attention from himself and delay impeachment vote.

I say that he is acting like competent leader concerned about future safety of his nation and the world. Acting despite his personal troubles, he makes sure that possible future threat ca be eliminated. This is another reason to leave him alone and let him continue his competent work.

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