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Catastrophe on holiday

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

"And who would have thought it figures?"

It indeed seems to be ironic as holiday is believed to be enjoyable time for resting from work and everyday problems which everybody dreams of. Waiting for this desirable event is expressed in one of Madonna's famous songs "If we took a holiday... it would be so nice!". Travel agencies promise hundreds of offers to be paradise on Earth... But this illusion alike to a soap-bubble may dissolve in a twinkling of an eye. Yours holiday might turn out to be a catastrophe! It is wise to be prepared for possible dangers that may face you. After-mentioned you will find a list of common accidents taking place on the beach.

"Prevention is better than cure"

To lessen the risk of overexposure, sunburn which may lead to serious diseases like skin cancer it is recommended to avoid sun during the noon, wear a straw hat and always use an effective sunscreen lotion. But if you spot red marks on your body treat it with Aloe Vera Gel which will heal and restore moisture to damaged skin and prevent it from peeling.

Make sure children are given attention particularly in water. Infants left without care may drown because of strong currents. In your favour it is safer to stay in place watched by a lifeguard.

Try to gain as much information as possible about the sea. Avoid polluted resorts and be alert to all dirt especially oil spillage and motor boat fuel. In those rich in wild life be prepared to meet jellyfish stinging when touched, porcupines equipped in sharp quills and other dangerous species including sharks. Protective footwear is helpful but the best is to leave the creature not to bother it.

Be careful even when you walk on sand. Watch your step as you may get cut on sharp shells or splinter of glass. Due to the high content of salt in the sea if you have any cuts or bruises it is advisable to stay out of water because it can irritate the wounds. Always have first aid kit with you just in case.

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