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Blue eyes vs brown eyes – speech

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have gathered here today to solve the problem that has been bothering us for the past few weeks, namely the division into blue and brown-eyed people. Some of us have expressed their doubts as to whether this separation is correct and appropriate, and my aim here is to persuade you in that short speech that it is the only proper way to organise not only this particular class, but also the whole department!

Starting from the ancient times, eyes were believed to be the mirrors of the soul. This view, so clearly manifested by our noble ancestors, has been proved true throughout the ages. This means that people can be easily classified simply according to the colour of their eyes, as the good or bad ones. As we all know, the bright colours have always been associated with righteousness, morality and goodness and dark ones with all that is evil. The foregone conclusion is the blue-eyed people are the cream of society, the engine of all the progress, the moral examples to follow. In all cultures the blue colour symbolises the purity, innocence and morality. It is celestial and virtuous, and is related to the angels and God. Therefore people with blue eyes are Godlike creatures, beautiful and proud, capable of everything.

The brown-eyed, on the contrary, represent the dregs of humanity. The brown colour is dirty and evil and it reminds every sensible person of hell. It is dark as the lowest animal instincts and malicious forces. It is as lightless as the devil himself. In Polish we name those eyes "piwne", and this particular word was not chosen at random or just out of the blue. It simply proves that those with brown eyes are drunkards and behave like savage animals. Sad as it is, I must say that mankind naturally falls into two classes: the blue and brown-eyed people.

Now that I have so clearly explained the reason for the segregation, I presume that it should become clear for both groups that we should preserve it. If we, the blue-eyed people, stoop to the level of the brown-eyed, nothing good will come out of it. They will not become better or more innocent; it is not their destiny. They are doomed to be what they are and no one can change it. While we, when mingled with them, not only will have to put up with people of lower race, all the time struggling with their ignorance and little minds, but we will be also endangered of being spoiled by those devils. Hence the answer to our question is unequivocal - it is our duty and right to preserve the segregation for ever!!!

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