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Big city or a village

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Why do so many people move to big cities? There are very many reasons, which we ought to know. First of all in a big city there are more shops, restaurants, theatres and cinemas. People, who live in big cities hardly ever complain about boredom - they always can find a place to meet with friends, rest or see beautiful film, plays. In villages many people don’t have places like these and often have to stay at home in front of TV set. One of few types of entertainment are discos but they are only in big villages, which are situated near cities.

Another thing is that in big cities it is easier to find a good job and there are better educational opportunities than in villages. The young have better chances of good start in their life.

It is also very important for people that in a big city there is always electricity, TV and it’s easier to get a telephone installed - in a village the situation is harder because people often have to wait for a phone for many years. Communication is also better in a big city than in a village - there are a lot of buses, trains, tramways and plains. But it may be a negative feature of living in the city - there are many dangerous and hard situations like traffic jams, crashes. The environment is polluted because many cars are driven in a big city and there are many factories. In a big city residents also suffer from a lot of noise. The advantage of living in a big city is that there are many doctors, specialists - you can feel safer than in a village, where often there aren’t enough doctors and ambulances and you must wait for aid for a long time.

In a big city there are many sport clubs and facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, pitches, but there are too few places for children and teenagers, where they could run or walk - only in big districts (housing estates) there are playgrounds and in the centre of a city there is usually a park. In a big city we may meet a lot of people, also foreigners, and we can get more interesting information (newspapers, books) than in a village. There are also more shops than in a village - you can buy most of things you want.

But there are many disadvantages of living in a big city. In a village you can find peace and quiet and you have a contact with nature and animals. In a big city you hear cars, buses, tramways, planes all the time. Air is polluted and unpleasant. I think that in a village people are more helpful than in a big city. In big cities living is more expensive and people may be more stressed than in villages.

Summing up, living in a big city is easier but if you need quiet and contact with nature - you should live in a village. As far as I am concerned I want to live in a big city , where I could find a good job, meet interesting people, have good assortment of goods, good communication and doctor’s protection.

sport facilities - obiekty sportowe

feature - cecha

educational opportunities - możliwości edukacji

it’s situated - jest położone

boredom - nuda

complain about ... - skarżyć się na ...

housing estates = districts - osiedla

playground - plac zabaw

As far as I’m concerned ... - jeśli chodzi o mnie ...

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